CFO Advisory Services for Your Growing Tech Company

Financial Modeling, Budgeting, and Strategic Decision-Making — We’ve Got You Covered!

Affordable Virtual CFO

Our Comprehensive CFO Advisory Services

Here at ShayCPA, we offer a fractional CFO so we can give you the highly tailored, high-level service that your growing tech company needs. We have a broad range of strategic, commercial, and operational experience to enable us to help you scale your startup.

When you choose our advisory services, we partner with you to understand the challenges facing your business. From there, we help to devise strategies to overcome them. That means we provide the obvious services — like financial modeling, investor discussions, and fundraising support — alongside more customized guidance in areas like restructuring your business, pivoting to a new business model, or devising a new commercial strategy.

* ShayCPA’s CFO Advisory Service  is a service. We do not offer part or full-time corporate officers for hire.*

The support you’ll get from our Fractional CFO Service

With our advisory services, you get the expertise and insights of an experienced CFO. We tailor what, exactly, we do for you based on your startup’s phase:

We’re here to provide the services you need to support and scale your startup. Rather than hiring a full or part-time CFO, you can turn to us.


Starting at


  • Annual budgeting and forecasting
  • Advanced financial modeling
  • Reviewing metrics and KPIs
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Automation of financial systems and processes
  • Develop a financial policies and procedures manual
  • Support in hiring, training, and coaching on-staff junior employees to build your finance department
  • Cap table consultation: valuation and dilution calculation

CFO by the Hour

Starting at

Packaged Hourly Rate

Are you a company in need of CFO expertise but hesitant about committing to a monthly subscription? Our CFO by the Hour service offers the perfect solution, providing the same comprehensive assistance with added flexibility.

Invest in the precise amount of CFO support your company requires, maximizing your resources effectively.

5 hours, $899
10 hours, $1,699
20 hours, $3,399

*Packages expire after 1 year with no refunds for unused hours.

A partner to grow your business

Want to Scale Rapidly and Sustainably? Speak to One of Our CFOs

Financial guidance, skills, and processes should never hold your tech company back. Through our fractional CFO services, we can provide what you need while eliminating the necessity to add another person to the payroll. With us, you can expect support for your:



Our team can deliver KPIs, metrics, and models to help you understand your business’s financial workings from the inside out.


Financial control

With our forecasts, budgets, and analysis, you can easily track and monitor your startup’s performance.



We offer systems, processes, and automation to help you scale — and do it both rapidly and sustainably.

Meet our on-call CFO

Rakesh Shah

When you choose ShayCPA for your advisory services, our deep bench of experienced tech startup finance professionals comes alongside you. We also connect you to our on-call CFO, Rakesh Shah.

Rakesh brings you a wealth of expertise. He’s worked with ultra-lean tech startups all the way up to publicly traded companies. He now specializes in helping startups and SMEs, partnering with their founders to develop a successful financial strategy while making the company look as attractive as possible to investors.

With Rakesh and our fractional CFO services, you get all of the benefits of a tech-focused CFO — without the overhead.

The SHAY CPA Advantage

Why Our Clients Rely on Us

We know there are plenty of CPAs out there and lots of CFOs who might catch your eye. So why should you choose us? These three things help us attract — and keep — our clients:


Seasoned executives with broad experience

Our team of CPAs focuses on the tech space, putting us in a unique position to lend critical expertise at the most crucial points as you scale.


Custom solutions for each client

We know that no two tech companies are created equal. Instead of offering a fixed set of siloed services, we offer comprehensive, personalized solutions to give your startup just what it needs when it needs it.


We care

If we wanted work to be predictable and easy, we’d choose clients in a more straightforward field. But we’ve opted to navigate the twists and turns of the tech startup space because we love seeing great ideas become successful companies with thriving teams.

Rakesh Shah


Schedule a Consultation with Our Fractional CFO

This tailored one-hour CFO Consultation session focuses on your specific financial strategy and planning questions. Our Fractional CFO, Rakesh Shah, will provide invaluable insights and expert guidance on your company’s financial management complexities.

Case Study


Founded in 2013 as a preseed SaaS startup led by Wharton graduate Jagmeet Lamba (founder and CEO). After nearly 10 years in business, Certa has developed into a robust platform that automates 3rd party vendor, supplier, procurement, and contract management aspects of a business.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Certa is a global company with close to 100 staff and a leadership team spread across the US, Middle East, and India, which reflects the core value of Certa that “Everyone deserves a fair shot.

Certa is now a Series A stage company attracting fortune 500 companies like Etsy as users and high valuable investors within the SaaS sector. With so many eyes looking into a business’s financials, even the most confident and experienced CFOs will need an outside perspective. For Certa, the ShayCPA Advisory team helped:

  • Evaluate and refine their multi-year financial model
  • Created a framework for Metric tracking specific to their unique SaaS-based business

Our team works closely with clients like Certa to understand their fundraising goals and make sure what they present to investors supports their aims.


“ShayCPA and Rakesh were a great partner in helping stress test and advise on building out a monthly multi-year model. He also created a framework for tracking key SAAS metrics and economics.”

5 stars

Dudley Brundige

CFO & Head of Partnerships

Wraparound Services to Pair With Your Fractional CFO

We offer our advisory services as a standalone solution, but if you want more robust support, you can also explore our:


As CPAs who focus exclusively on tech startup C corporations, we know the ins and outs — and idiosyncrasies — of preparing taxes for companies in your exact position. That includes cross-border taxes and state and local taxes (SALT).


You probably have much bigger things on your radar than tracking and organizing your company’s financials, but you also don’t want to make costly mistakes there. Fortunately, our team can handle all of your Accounting.

R&D tax credit

Your startup could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars of tax credit. If you do any sort of R&D, our specialists can help you maximize the associated R&D tax credit.

Founders partner with us.

Years of Experience

Founders Helped

Get Started

Our Process


Step 1: Contact Us

Get in touch and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a video call to better understand your tech startups needs and prepare a custom quote.


Step 2: Onboarding

We’ll invite you to our secure client portal where you can use our easy to use onboarding checklist to get started. See general pricing guide here.


Step 3: Review

We schedule ongoing video calls with you to review your financials and ensure all of your tax compliance is taken care off.