Accounting for Startups

GAAP Based financials for your growing business.

Quickbooks Online ProAdvisors

Accounting Systems Implementation

Businesses need real-time information in order to make decisions as well as for lending and due diligence purposes either when you apply for a loan or are seeking investment from Angel and Venture Capital sources. We assist businesses with set up and staff training with Quickbooks Online. We can also assist businesses that may want to make the switch from Desktop to Online. We can help to create a chart of accounts that works specifically for your startup. We recognize that business owners may want to have a more detailed analysis of the various operations/business lines that make up their operations and use division (class) tracking in Quickbooks to give clients the finer detail they need, so they can see how they are operating across multiple business lines.

Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisors and Advanced Online Proadvisors

Our team consists of Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisors and Advanced Online Proadvisors and we have a lot of experience working with Xero and Wave apps two other popular accounting solutions. We have also got a working knowledge of Freshbooks and other G/L Packages such as Aplos.


Cash is king when it comes to business and we can assist founders with budgeting and financial modeling tools to ensure they are able to accurately plan ahead and understand their runway and burn-rate. This allows you to better plan your fundraising efforts, determine staffing levels,give your department heads budgets to work with and give you all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Virtual Controller/CFO Solutions

Seed to Series A Startups often lack financial expertise in their management teams as there is usually an emphasis placed on technical roles at the early-stage. We can assist in these transitional periods to help founders with high level financial decision making as they navigate a high-growth stage in their businesses. Our virtual controller/CFO solutions are ideally a short-term fix as your startup looks to hire someone full-time in the role.

Board & Investor Reporting

We assist founders with developing board decks, highlighting the information their board needs to see in order to help steer the ship as founders navigate the Seed to Series A inflection point. Our philosophy is to produce concise reporting and graphics that can clearly articulate the financial picture to the board so as to facilitate the management team’s discussion and highlight to the board potential action items.



We can help your early-stage tech startup keep track of its bookkeeping. Seed to Series A technology startups have to frequently report their financials to the board and for due diligence requests and for annual 409A valuation purposes. Let us help your tech startup keep its books compliant with GAAP rules and record transactions on the accrual basis of accounting. Our bookkeepers are all Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors and ensure the following tasks are completed:


Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation of all bank accounts on a monthly basis including recording of transactions.


Credit Card Reconciliation

Reconciliation of credit card accounts on a monthly basis including recording of transactions.


Accounts Receivable

We ensure to match deposits received against outstanding invoices and reconcile the revenue on a monthly basis and review an A/R Aging report with our clients to ensure they can follow up on any delinquent customers.


Fixed Asset Reconciliation

We help our clients establish a capitalization policy and search and identify misrecorded fixed assets such computer equipment recorded supplies and miscellaneous accessories misclassified as assets. We record monthly depreciation and amortization to ensure assets are recorded at their correct book values on a monthly basis.


Prepaid Expenses

Insurance policies and other software subscriptions are often paid for in advance. A monthly prepaid expense reconciliation helps to ensure that expenses are booked and recorded in the correct time periods even if paid for far in advance.


Deferred Revenue

Many of the early stage tech companies we work with often take pre-orders to have customer sign annual or multi-year contracts whilst receiving deposits far in advance. We can help tech startups ensure they are in line with revenue recognition standards, and correctly record revenues in the correct periods.


Long Term Assets and Long-Term Liabilities

  • Many types of assets need to be amortized over long periods of time, including patents, software development costs, and other intangible assets. We ensure companies record these costs correctly.
  • Investors regularly use Convertible Notes and SAFE Notes (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) to invest in the early financing rounds of a startups. We help startups ensure that these are identified and recorded correctly as a common mistake we see is that they are recorded as income instead of a long-term liability.

Equity & Cap Table Reconciliation

The Capitalization Table can be a daunting task for any startup founder to understand. We help to ensure that the information reflected on the cap table matches the information recorded in the accounting system and help to identify and resolve any discrepancies.


Stock Option Expense

We can help your startup record it’s stock compensation expense and ensure that it is in line with GAAP rules.


Revenue Reconciliation

We can help to ensure revenue recognition standards are being followed when record revenue in your accounting system and assist journal entries and reclassifications to correct for deferred revenue.


Expense Classification

When it comes to expense classification we use trends and analytical procedures to verify and analyze if there are any discrepancies

Case Study


Aside from the creation of online stores, technology hadn’t done much to change the shopping experience, that is until Neha Singh founded Obsess merging the technology of e-commerce with VR/AR and the metaverse.

Headquartered in New York City, the fashion hub of the East Coast, Obsess is well-positioned to partner with high-end retailers and transform the mundane scroll and click of traditional online shopping. Where do you start? Right at the top – with luxury brands and their shoppers. With Obsess’s tech, shoppers can shop in beautiful, immersive virtual stores instead of a grid of thumbnail images.

But just because you can change the technological landscape of e-commerce doesn’t mean you have a desire to keep track of all the accounting logistics associated with it. That’s where ShayCPA came in for Neha and her team. We have been assisting with:

  •  Migrating from Freshbooks to Quickbooks seamlessly.
  •  Going from cash to accrual (GAAP) based accounting
    • Deferred Revenue Revenue Recognition
    • Expense Recognition
  • Preparing monthly financial statements and metrics to help in decision making and provide vital information for investors and fundraising rounds
    • Monthly bank+credit card reconciliations
  • 24/7 Business hour support

“The ShayCPA team has been there from the beginning and brings a personal touch to every interaction. They’ve stayed on top of all of our tax compliance, implemented an Accounting System, obtained valuable R&D Tax Credits, handled all of our bookkeeping, and provided monthly financial statements that help me as a founder make critical decisions. As a founder, it’s important to have partners around you that can scale and handle the complexity of a high-growth startup, and ShayCPA has done a great job in scaling with us. We now have a finance department, and the ShayCPA team has been able to support our finance director as he builds out the finance and accounting operations internally.”

5 stars

Neha Singh

CEO of Obsess

Free Founder GAAP Accounting Guide

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Accounting Subscription Pricing


Starting at

$900/quarter (discount if billed annually)
($10,000/in monthly expenses)
  • Reconcile Quickbooks Online (10 hours per Quarter)
  • Cash-Based Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly Video Review
  • Chart of Accounts Template Provided
  • Annual Meeting


Starting at

$1500/month(discount if billed anually)
($50,000/in monthly expenses)
  • Reconcile Quickbooks Online
  • Accrual Based Bookkeeping
  • Monthly Call
  • Customized Chart of Accounts
  • Deferred Revenue Recognition
  • A/P, A/R Tracking
  • Inventory/COGS Reconciliation
  • Financial Metrics
  • Sales Tax Filings *
  • Monthly Financials delivered by the 15th after month end

*up to one state included in sales tax

Series A & Beyond

Based On Your Needs

Custom Quote

(discount if billed annually)

  • Reconcile Quickbooks Online
  • Accrual Based Bookkeeping
  • Monthly Calls and ongoing communication
  • Customized Chart of Accounts
  • Deferred Revenue Recognition
  • A/P, A/R Tracking
  • Inventory/COGS Reconciliation
  • Board Financials and Metrics
  • Sales Tax Filings
  • Monthly Financials delivered based date requested

Additional Accounting Services

Quickbooks Setup

Starting at


If you don’t already have a Quickbooks subscription or you do, but you don’t know where to start with it, we can help by getting signed up and organizing the system for best growth practices.

Payroll management

Starting at


We’ll manage your Payroll for you making sure your team is paid on time and that those expenses are recognized in your accounting. (Requires Monthly Accounting subscription)

Vendor Payment Management

Starting at


Have trouble staying on top of your vendor payments? No problem, we can take on this task by organizing and processing invoices (Requires monthly Accounting subscription)

Our Process


Step 1: Contact Us

Get in touch and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a video call to better understand your tech startups needs and prepare a custom quote.


Step 2: Onboarding

We’ll invite you to our secure client portal where you can use our easy to use onboarding checklist to get started. See general pricing guide here.


Step 3: Review

We schedule ongoing video calls with you to review your financials and ensure all of your tax compliance is taken care off.