ShayCPA’s 2nd Annual Retreat Recap: Uniting for Growth

Aug 10, 2023


We’re excited to share the incredible experiences and moments from our 2nd Annual Company Retreat in New York City. Over three days, our team united for collaboration, gained insights, and enjoyed thrilling adventures that left us with unforgettable memories. Let’s dive into highlights from each retreat day.


Day One: Empowering Knowledge, Sharing, and Giving Back

The retreat kicked off with warm greetings as our team members reunited and welcomed esteemed guests. The day brimmed with insightful workshops led by our own company experts.

Our Senior Accountant, Jay, started with a comprehensive overview of 1120 Tax Returns, preparing us for the upcoming tax season. Following this, our Fractional CFO, Rakesh, shared valuable insights during his Mini-Lesson on financial metrics, empowering us with essential knowledge.

The day’s highlight was our Senior Staff Accountant, Grace, leading a detailed financial preparation workshop. With her guidance, we equipped ourselves with tools to make informed decisions for our company’s future.

However, our retreat wasn’t solely about internal growth. We partnered with the wonderful organization WeHero, assembling backpacks filled with essential school supplies for underprivileged children. This reinforced the spirit of giving and compassion within our team.


Day Two: Strengthening Team Dynamics with Stephanie Virchaux

On the second day, we brought in Executive Empowering Coach, Stephanie Virchaux, to lead a day of team-building activities and learning. Stephanie’s expertise in emotional intelligence and inclusive approach created a safe space to explore emotions, strengths, and growth areas. The bonds forged during her session will undoubtedly enhance teamwork, productivity, and the work environment.

In the afternoon, our marketing and operations team shared their expert ideas and strategies. Our Admin and Marketing Assistant, Dhelis, presented a detailed marketing analysis, improving our audience reach strategy. Finally, our Operations and Marketing Manager, Nina, led an informative workshop on engagement letters, strengthening our professional relationships.


Day Three: Embracing Fun and Unity

As the retreat concluded, we aimed for excitement and camaraderie. We embarked on a thrilling adventure at Beat The Bomb, testing teamwork and unity. The experience brought us closer and reminded us of the importance of fostering togetherness beyond work.

The 2nd Annual Company Retreat at ShayCPA was a resounding success, leaving us with a stronger bond, new knowledge, and cherished memories. As we return to our roles, we carry lessons learned and the spirit of unity, propelling us toward greater success. We are not just a company; we are a family with a shared purpose, ready to conquer new challenges and reach new heights!


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