How CorpNet Helps Startups with State Compliance

Feb 7, 2024


Sometimes, running your business isn’t the hardest part of running your business. Instead, complying with state and federal regulations, from taxes to employer requirements, feels most burdensome. 

Fortunately, you can pay someone else to handle that for you. And CorpNet is one of the best options out there for this type of service. With its Compliance Portal, this company has been helping other businesses manage their compliance requirements across all 50 states for more than a decade. 


Understanding what CorpNet can do

Even if you only operate in one state, you probably agree that keeping up with all of the annual filings and reporting is a hassle. And if you expand into other states — subjecting your business to their unique regulations — your to-do list here grows. 

Enter: CorpNet. With services like corporate compliance monitoring and annual report filing, their team helps you stay in line with your state’s requirements. Not only does this keep work off your desk, but it also means avoiding unwelcome surprises like noncompliance penalties and late filing fees. 

This company offers business filings and tax registration services across all 50 states. It operates with a 100% money-back guarantee, too. If you’re unhappy with these filing services, they’ll refund your service fee. And if they make a mistake in any of your filings (which they say is highly unlikely), CorpNet will correct the issue at no cost to you and absorb any resulting costs. 

Long story short, if state compliance feels like a tall order or if you worry over whether or not you’re handling it correctly, a company like CorpNet can help. 

They certainly aren’t the only player in the game, but we have firsthand experience seeing what their team can do. We’ve chosen to add CorpNet as one of our partners because we’ve seen how much their services can help busy founders and companies working to scale. 


Specific compliance supports from CorpNet

To give you a clearer idea of how CorpNet can help you, let’s explore a few of their different services. 


Compliance monitoring

Even if you felt ultra-confident that you were in line with state and federal regulations when you first established your business, things can change. Take the new beneficial ownership information reporting requirement from the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as an example. 

You and your team probably maintain full schedules, though, leaving limited bandwidth for continually checking for new requirements. That’s why CorpNet offers alerts within its compliance portal. Not only can this keep you apprised of new regulations, but it can also remind you of key filing dates. 

These alerts apply for any state in which you’re operating (assume you inform CorpNet when you set up shop there). This way, you stay in the know about requirements in any jurisdictions in which you operate. 


Registered agent services

If you want to operate in a different state but you don’t have a physical location there, you’ll need registered agent services. Essentially, this is a person who meets the requirements laid out in that state and has a physical address at which they can receive documents like official notices. 

CorpNet offers registered agent services in all 50 states. When they do receive any documents on your business’s behalf, they scan them and send them to you same-day. 


Annual report filings

Most states require corporations to file this document (which might also be called a statement of information) plus a small fee with their Secretary of State. Deadlines and what’s required in this filing vary by state, so it can be tricky to remember when you need to do what. CorpNet, however, makes it easy by processing your annual report/statement of information for you. 


Initial report filings

If your business plans to start operating in any of the following states, you may be required to file an initial report:

  • Alaska
  • California 
  • Georgia
  • Missouri 
  • New Mexico 

This is similar to your annual report, but the above states require a special format for your first one. The CorpNet team can help you stay in compliance with this one-off bit of paperwork. 


Beneficial ownership information reporting

While it’s not state-specific, this requirement is worth calling out here because many business owners will be unfamiliar with it. Why? Because it just started impacting companies. 

The beneficial ownership information (BOI) reporting requirement kicked into effect at the start of 2024. Under this federal mandate, you need to file a yearly report with FinCEN informing them about who ultimately owns and controls your business. Fortunately, CorpNet has already started offering BOI services to help you navigate this new must-do.


Annual meeting minutes

As a corporation, you’re legally required to hold an annual meeting. And to prove you’ve done so, you may need to show the meeting’s minutes to the appropriate authorities. 

Whether you need to create years of meeting minutes to be in compliance or you just want help drafting up minutes from your most recent annual meeting, CorpNet’s team has the expertise to step in. 


Certification services services

If you ever need a Certificate of Good Standing, CorpNet can help your company secure one. They can also do the legwork to get your certified copies of key state documents that you need. 

CorpNet’s certification services extend beyond the U.S., too. Compliance gets even trickier when you expand outside the country. To help there, CorpNet offers apostille services. Essentially, an apostille is a form that certifies the authenticity of signatures on key documents for foreign entities. If you plan to operate internationally, you might need an apostille for your Articles of Incorporation, for example. And CorpNet can apply for your apostille for you. 

To get a better idea of where you might need support with state compliance, you can check out CorpNet’s compliance checklist and their state-based resource center

Our team can also talk you through how their services work, and how we can leverage them alongside our accounting services. If you want to feel confident about your compliance in 2024 and beyond, contact us.