Tax & Accounting 101 Workshop for Budding Entrepreneurs

Oct 25, 2019


Akshay Shrimanker, President of Shay CPA P.C., gave an accounting and tax workshop to small startups inside the Zahn Innovation Center at City College this past Thursday. The attendees to the workshop include Fitko, STEM Hive, Luxz, and Flora Mind — who were all among the CCNY startups chosen to participate in the 2019 Zahn Accelerator.

Shrimanker started off the workshop by helping the founders understand their tax obligations and filing requirements. He also explained in-depth about different forms each startup need to file, as there were different types of startups in attendance such as C-Corps, LLCs, and not-for-profit organizations.

There were discussions on various topics as well, such as why Wave Apps may be a more economical accounting system solution for pre-revenue startups rather than other accounting packages and why local banks are a better choice to work with than large commercial banks.

Shrimanker later touched on some important finance and accounting terms, before closing out the two-hour-long workshop with a Q&A session for each startup.

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Written by Tony Kyaw