Meet Our Staff: Megan Mahlstadt

Apr 21, 2022


In case you missed it, we’ve been using our blog page to introduce you to our ShayCPA team members. As we continue growing, it gives us an excellent opportunity to make sure you know the people who might be answering your email or phone call.

Plus, it’s a chance to highlight the genuinely amazing people who make up our staff. We feel lucky to work with such a driven, talented group. Megan is a perfect example. 

She joined us in September 2021 and has already made her mark on our team with her expertise and drive. We’re thrilled to have her on staff as a Junior Staff Accountant helping with bookkeeping for a wide variety of our clients.

Megan’s background

Megan grew up in New Providence, New Jersey. She then headed just up the way to Montclair State University for her Bachelor of Science degree in finance, which she completed in 2020. But, not content to stop there, Megan immediately dove into a Master’s degree in accounting, which she’s on track to finish by the end of 2022.  

For anyone worried about Megan’s ability to work for our clients while earning a Master’s degree, we assure you that you can rest easy. While in undergrad, Megan worked 25 hours a week while going to school full time — and playing on the Montclair State University women’s lacrosse team. She was no slouch on the field, regularly scoring hat tricks

Speaking of her work during college, Megan has already gained extensive experience in the finance world. She interned for Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, plus she worked as the accounts receivable analyst for a consumer products company. Long story short, this isn’t her first rodeo. 

Why you’ll want to know her

We’ve been continually impressed by Megan’s drive and focus. When we asked her where she sees herself in five years, she had a definitive answer: “I see myself still working in accounting after obtaining my CPA.”

Megan’s taking full advantage of joining our growing company. She says her favorite part of her job is collaborating with and learning from her coworkers. “All team members are extremely experienced and always go the extra mile to help our clients and give them above-average service and advice,” she says. “For all team members at ShayCPA, the client always comes first.”

She particularly loves working with an accounting firm that cares about its clients. In fact, she wishes that everyone knew that “we always have your company’s best interests in mind.” 

Fun facts about Megan

Megan’s a talented bookkeeper with a passion for finance. But there’s more to her than that. She’s also an avid reader.

You might also be interested in knowing that Megan has a cadaver ligament in her knee from surgery in high school. 


We’re thrilled to have Megan on our team as she finishes her Master’s degree and earns her CPA — and, ideally, beyond! To get in touch with Megan or another dedicated member of our team for help with bookkeeping or accounting for your tech startup, contact us