Clarification on IRS updated Tax Deadline

Mar 19, 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS had delayed the yearly April 15th tax deadline to May 17th. This delayed deadline does not affect Corporate tax filings.
Below we’ve collected answers to common questions about the new deadline.
Who does the delay apply to? 
May 17th only applies to individual filing Forms 1040 and 1040-SR. Corporate and Partnerships must still file returns or extensions by April 15th.
Do I have an extra month to pay my taxes? 
Yes, individual filers now have until May 17th for both payments and filing returns.
What about first-quarter estimated tax payments? 
April 15th is still the deadline for first-quarter estimated tax payments for 2021. After that date, interest and penalties on unpaid amounts will apply.
Do I need to take any action for the delay to apply to me? 
Can I still get an extension to file my 2020 tax return? 
Yes. If you need longer than the new May 17th deadline, you can file for an extension that will give you until October 15th to finish and submit your tax return.
I live in Louisiana, Texas, or Oklahoma. Am I subject to the new May 17 deadline?
No, due to the states of emergencies declared in those states from the February winter storms, individuals and businesses whose primary address is located in either of the three effective states have until June 15th to file their taxes.
I already filed my 2020 return and scheduled an automatic withdrawal of my tax payment for April 15. Will the IRS automatically delay this payment until May 17? 
No, but taxpayers can take action to change the payment date. You can do so by contacting the IRS.
What about state tax deadlines? 
As of this email, states have not announced changes to move their filing deadlines.